The new Gruyère AOP campaign

We are pleased to announce that the new 2020 advertising campaign for Le Gruyère AOP has been released in all major Swiss cities and on all TV, cinema and digital screens.

This new campaign, created in collaboration with the agency Numéro 10 in Bern, is intended to be educational, honest and unconventional - a return to basics. No makeup or gimmicks. The actors are real milk producers, cheese makers, affineurs and appraisal officers. Nowadays authenticity has become a key concern when creating a brand identity - it is of the utmost importance.  Consumers want something real, genuine, tangible. They want to feel part of a heritage, rather than a part of a dream. As a result they are turning to brands which are sincere and transparent, seeing them  uphold simpler values such as truth, trust and traceability.

Without any shadow of a doubt the Swiss will be delighted to learn more about such a great AOP cheese made in this small country. To help them find out more, each topic of the campaign contains a URL that links directly to the relevant thematic page on the website.

We would like to thank and congratulate those from the association who have taken their role to heart.

  • Milk producer: Nicolas Clément of the Waebera Farm in Le Mouret
  • Cheesemaker: Etienne Aebischer of the Fromagerie de Montricher
  • Affineur : Anthony Margot from Margot Fromages SA in Yverdon-Les-Bains
  • Appraisal: Thierry Bize of the Interprofession du Gruyère

Their testimonials

«I'm not used to doing the morning milking in the company of fifteen or so people... in the fresh morning air it was a real pleasure to share this moment with a team that was able to adapt to difficult conditions, with unpredictable actresses. I was particularly touched to see the young actor Sacha’s delight and ease in an environment that was brand new to him. As someone unfamiliar with film-making, I found it very interesting to see how imaginative, rigorous and professional the film crew were in carrying out their work to the best of their ability. I am proud to be a milk producer for Gruyère AOP and that is why I agreed to take part in this project. I will remember it fondly and I hope that consumers will appreciate this advertising campaign.»

Nicolas Clément

«I love my work as a cheesemaker, a skill passed down to me by my father quite some time ago now. I'm really pleased that I agreed to take part in this new campaign. Team work such as this results in Gruyère AOP having a wonderful advertisement that reminds us of its great reputation. It was created by a team of professionals who were able to adapt to unusual working conditions, vapours, humidity, etc. I wish our association all the success it deserves and hope that Gruyère AOP has many more years ahead of it.»

Etienne Aebischer

 «Le Gruyère AOP is part of Switzerland's heritage: alone we go fast, but it's the work and collective intelligence of the entirety of our fine association that will make us grow even more and gain worldwide recognition!»

Anthony Margot

«Le Gruyère AOP: tradition, authenticity, taste and the goodness of both yesterday and today that shall be passed onto future generations.»

Thierry Bize