Mille Gruyère

Le Gruyère AOP is keen on helping young athletes via the project Mille Gruyère.

27 Feb 2022 02 Sep 2022

2 u-turn-races and 12 regional finals are so much opportunities for young athletes up to 15 years old to qualify for the Swiss final.

Registration and information on the website of the Mille Gruyère.

27.02.2022PayernePayerne, Avenue du StadeCA Broyard
09.04.2022EschenEschen DorfzentrumTurnverein Eschen-Mauren
27.04.2022BellinzonaStadio CommunaleFederazione Ticinese Atletica Leggera
07.05.2022AppenzellWühreTV Appenzell
25.05.2022LiestalGitterliSC Liestal
01.06.2022BadenAueLV Wettingen-Baden
26.06.2022Lausanne Lausanne-Sports Athlétisme
20.08.2022KreuzlingenBurgerfeldLAR Tägerwilen-Kreuzlingen
20.08.2022Moutier Centre d'Athlétisme de Moutier
02.09.2022BielLeichtathletik-Anlage Längfeld 



Swiss Athletics

Swiss Athletics is the umbrella federation for athletics in Switzerland. It promotes top-level sport and work with young athletes and supports sport for all. It is a member of World Athletics as well as the European Athletics and is therefore the competent Swiss federation for all questions of athletics. It is also a member of Swiss Olympic, the umbrella organisation of Swiss sport.

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