Closing hours - Holiday festivities

During the festive season, orders placed from 20 December 2021 onwards will not be processed until Monday, 10 January 2022.

Members of the sector

Special rates are available for members of the Interprofession du Gruyère AOP. Members can order online, and prices will be provided upon receipt of the order.
If in doubt, please contact the IPG.

The depot (Rte de l'Aérodrome 19, 1663 Epagny) is open on Monday afternoons from 13:30 to 16:45 and on Friday mornings from 8:00 to 11:45.

Featured Product

Cuban style cap Gruyère AOP

Trendy cap Le Gruyère AOP, adjustable size, beige.

12,00 CHF
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New products

38,00 CHF


Promotional products
0,80 CHF

Tissue box Le Gruyère AOP

Promotional products
5,00 CHF

Lunch box Le Gruyère AOP

The art of entertaining

For fondue lovers

17,50 CHF

Fondue forks

FondueThe art of entertaining
8,50 CHF

Special Selection Pepper and herbs Le Gruyère AOP

FondueThe art of entertaining
30,00 CHF

Wine glasses Le Gruyère AOP

FondueThe art of entertaining
12,00 CHF

Gas lighter Le Gruyère AOP

Promotional productsFondueThe art of entertaining
8,00 CHF

Scraper Le Gruyère AOP

FondueThe art of entertainingAccessories
155,00 CHF

Methylated spirits stove

FondueThe art of entertainingAccessories
500,00 CHF

Sachets for 600g of fondue

420,00 CHF

Sachets for 400g of fondue

Tarif spécial pour les membres de la filières Tarif spécial pour les membres de la filières
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