In L'Auberson, the Tyrode cheese dairy delights the senses

With a move to new premises in 2022, Vincent Tyrode has given his cheese dairy a demonstration area. A real asset for the economic and tourist activities of the Nord Vaudois region.

20 Dec 2023
Around Le Gruyère AOP

"We must be proud of our industry and continue to take great care of it"

Vincent Tyrode, master cheesemaker in L’Auberson

Vincent Tyrode, you began your career as a cross-border cheesemaker. How did you come to work at the L'Auberson cheese dairy?

I came to Switzerland in 1997 to work at the L'Auberson cheese dairy for Valentin Biehlmann. In 2001, the opportunity arose to buy the dairy in L'Auberson. I didn't hesitate, although I was well aware of the challenge: I had to ensure the impeccable quality of the cheese, get my qualifications recognised and show my banker a clean bill of health. The milk producers already knew me. Both they and the cheese maturer, Margot Fromages SA, trusted me. Even so, the Franc-Comtois taking over a dairy, as you can imagine, caused quite a stir!

Why did you move in May 2022?

The production workshop and shop in the old cheese dairy had become too small. In 2018, I bought the old coach garage located between the cellars and the cheese dairy. The work took 9 months to complete a project that had been on my mind for 5 years: a cheese dairy with a demonstration and exhibition area.

What motivated you to build this educational space?

I really wanted to showcase not only our products, but also what we do as producers of Le Gruyère AOP and Vacherin Mont-D'Or AOP. I also wanted visitors to discover our region, its history and traditions through a fun trail. This reveals the links between cheese production and other economic activities, past and present. It was inaugurated in November 2022.

After more than a year in operation, what's your assessment?

It's both demanding and exciting. We have to ensure the presence, the logistics and the accompaniment of groups of visitors. It's immensely satisfying to see the interest, particularly from children, who are surprised by all the technology involved in producing Le Gruyère AOP. It's sometimes said that industrial food has neutralised their sense of taste, but believe me: they can tell the difference between a 6, 12 or 18-month-old Le Gruyère AOP and...they appreciate it!

On the subject of technology, what sets your facilities apart?

We've invested in a sustainable production tool and have chosen to maximise energy savings with solar panels, a heat pump and a water and energy recovery system.

Do you still have future plans after all these achievements?

Of course I do! Now that the economic climate is less favourable, it's absolutely essential to look ahead. To face the headwinds, we need to adapt, create opportunities and stick together. The world has become extremely complex, as have trade relations. However, our industry is wonderful and our relationships are still human. We should be proud of it and continue to take great care of it.

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