The European Athletics Championships 2024 with Le Gruyère AOP

Between 7th and 12th June, Le Gruyère AOP was in Rome for the European Athletics Championships.

13 Jun 2024

Over 1,560 athletes from 48 countries met at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the European Athletics Championships. During the six days of competition there were 26 individual disciplines and three team events.

As a partner to the European Athletics Association, Le Gruyère AOP had a visual presence inside the stadium and during TV broadcasts, with its logo displayed alongside the athletics track. Two stands offering Le Gruyère AOP cheese tasting and entertainment complemented this visual presence.

As part of Le Gruyère AOP’s commitment to European and Swiss athletics, a fan gathering took place in the centre of Rome. At this event, jointly organised with the Swiss Athletics Federation, fans who had come to Rome for the Championships could meet their favourite Swiss athletes and enjoy a magnificent buffet based on Le Gruyère AOP cheese.

Le Gruyère AOP congratulates all the athletes who took part in the Championships, and the Swiss team in particular, who took home 9 medals.

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