IPG has its world fondue champion!

It's well known that Tartegnin is synonymous with good wine! But that's not all: every two years this wine-growing village in the canton of Vaud hosts the Fondue World Championship. The new world champion is Damien Raemy, a cheesemaker from Corbières (FR).

08 May 2024
Around Le Gruyère AOP Contests

"Damien Raemy is an ambassador of excellence and also of the spirit of sharing that we collectively need so much these days"

Stéphane Jayet, President of the Mondial de Fondue

The date is 18 November 2023. Tartegnin is a hive of activity. Competitors from Switzerland, France, Brazil and Canada, professionals and amateurs, flock to this village of 250 souls. Today, everyone is driven by the same ambition: to be proclaimed world fondue champion. The atmosphere is both serious and warm: in the conviviality and good humour of a village transformed for the occasion, the participants have to make THE recipe that everyone will approve, using a mixture made with a minimum of 50% Gruyère AOP. For his second attempt at the title, Damien Raemy arrived early in the morning with his uncle Maurice Vauthey. “I came up with my everyday mix, featuring my company’s two flagship products,” he explains, “50% Gruyère AOP, as required by the rules, and 50% Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP.” Everyone has their own recipe: some candidates present blends with raclette cheese, spicy cheeses, Bleu de Grangeneuve or foreign cheeses.

Qualifying round: the tone is set

The cheesemaker from Corbières simmers his fondue in a cellar among the vineyards. "A splendid setting", he recalls. Around twenty people - professionals and amateurs - make up the jury for the qualifying round. The challenge is to ensure an optimum temperature that brings out the flavours. To achieve this, Damien chose his piece of medium-bodied, aged Gruyère AOP with great care. The tasting ended with some excellent news: he was one of the 10 finalists.

The final: keeping the fondue pot hot!

On track for the final. This time, the fondues will be judged exclusively by professionals: IPG quality managers, chefs, cheesemakers and Michelin-starred chefs. The pressure is on. For 30 minutes, there's only one objective: to ensure the fondue doesn't get cold! It has to appeal not only for its general appearance and specific aromas but also for its creaminess. Always assisted by his uncle Maurice, Damien maintains the balance. The taste, texture and temperature are all seductive. The verdict is in – he has won! The jury has selected its new world champion. In the meantime, the cheese-maker's wife has joined him in Tartegnin with their two children. The secret is well kept, but not for long: it’s time for photos, camera shots and questions from reporters. Village syndic and festival president Stéphane Jayet is delighted: "Damien Raemy defends working with nature in a humble and intelligent way. He is a true ambassador of excellence and also of the spirit of sharing that we collectively need so much these days.

A reward shared is worth tenfold

Back home, Damien Raemy is savouring his triumph. With his extended family, but also with his team and the milk producers: guardians of the quality of the white gold. The timing of this award is perfect: in recent years, Damien and his family have fought hard to build a new cheese dairy in Corbières to replace the one in Hauteville, which had fallen into disrepair. In the meantime, new customers have discovered the cheese dairy and its prize-winning fondue. All the packets are now adorned with a beautiful medal. It's a symbol of pride in the product and a way of uniting people.


The Fondue World Championship was born of a collaboration between the Tartegnin winegrowers' association and the Interprofession du Gruyère. It takes place every two years. So start fine-tuning your recipes for the 2025 event!

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