Le Gruyère AOP Millefeuille


Le Gruyère AOP Millefeuille is the perfect aperitif snack for any celebration. It’s quick and easy to make and is based on just two top ingredients: Le Gruyère AOP Alpage, and a good piece of Valais Dried Meat IGP. As the name suggests, Le Gruyère AOP Alpage is produced directly on the alp. It owes its unmistakable taste to the various herbs and flowers that the cows have eaten with relish on the alp. If you close your eyes while tasting Le Gruyère AOP, you will feel as if you are in the Swiss mountains – sitting in the grass, surrounded by grazing cows, experiencing a real explosion of flavours. Typically, Le Gruyère AOP Alpage is pressed exclusively through cloth. In autumn, the cows are brought back to the valley, which is celebrated with an “Alpabzug” (cattle descent from the alp).

Stéphanie Zosso

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Le Gruyère AOP Mille-Feuille

  • 200 g
    Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP
  • 200 g
    Valais Dried Meat IGP

Made with Le Gruyère AOP


Le Gruyère AOP Mille-Feuille

  1. Cut the Le Gruyère AOP Alpage into slices of the same thickness as the Bündnerfleisch.
  2. Place the layers alternately on top of each other and press them together a bit.
  3. Wrap tightly in cling film and leave to cool for 4 hours in the fridge, best weighted down with something (for example, a litre of cream), so that the layers stick together later.
  4. After the millefeuille has cooled, cut into the desired portion sizes and enjoy as aperitif appetizers

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