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Cheesemaker Benoît Déforel combines excellence with longevity

This year, Benoît Déforel is celebrating 30 years at the helm of his cheese dairy in Sâles (FR). An anniversary that has been coupled with a major…

11 Jul 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP Contests

Le Crêt: good housing conditions to ensure the health of cattle

In June 2022, farmers Serge and Yvan Ayer inaugurated their new agricultural building in Crêt-près-Semsales (FR), in the presence of an unexpected but…

27 Jun 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP

The European Athletics Championships 2024 with Le Gruyère AOP

Between 7th and 12th June, Le Gruyère AOP was in Rome for the European Athletics Championships.

13 Jun 2024 Sport

Internal cohesion: a prerequisite for the future of the Gruyère AOP sector

Romane Botteron, a farmer in the Neuchâtel mountains, has long been the voice of milk producers on committees and the IPG Committee. As he prepares to…

10 Jun 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP

"The IPG is at a turning point in its history"

Jean-Marc Collomb, who has just retired from his position as director of Fromco, has decided to step down from the IPG committee as of the end of…

28 May 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP

IPG has its world fondue champion!

It's well known that Tartegnin is synonymous with good wine! But that's not all: every two years this wine-growing village in the canton of Vaud hosts…

08 May 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP Contests

Mundial do Queijo do Brasil 2024

At the Brazilian World Cheese event held in Saõ Paulo from 11 to 14 April 2024, Le Gruyère AOP distinguished itself by taking second and third place…

18 Apr 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP

A zero-carbon cheese dairy can be achieved!

For the Spielhofers, who have been making cheese for over 40 years, working with nature goes hand in hand with protecting it. The latest example is…

15 Apr 2024 Around Le Gruyère AOP

World Men’s Curling Championship 2024

Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland was in Schaffhausen for the World Men’s Curling Championship at the beginning of April.

12 Apr 2024 Sport

World Championships Cheese Contest 2024

The World Championships Cheese Contest was held from March 5 to 6 2024.

29 Mar 2024 Contests
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