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Cooking as a vocation.

22 Jan 2024
Around Le Gruyère AOP

"Le Gruyère AOP is a product with character that invites creativity"

Stéphanie Zosso, sous-chef and author of the recipes for the IPG

Creative - Sous-chef at the Glacier gourmet restaurant in Grindelwald, Stéphanie Zosso concocts gourmet recipes based on Le Gruyère AOP for the Interprofession du Gruyère. With a smile, she says she was very honoured by the industry's request: "Le Gruyère AOP is a product with character, easy to prepare and to combine with a wide range of ingredients. It invites innovation", she enthuses. Every month, a recipe is posted on the Interprofession's social networks: "For us chefs, it's an excellent way of communicating visually. What's more, social networks have become the primary media for many people," she points out.

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, Stéphanie Zosso quickly returned to her first passion and trained as a chef. Experience followed, particularly in Michelin-starred restaurants in Switzerland and abroad. Little by little, her ambition grew and she climbed the ladder. Her ultimate goal: to run her own gastronomic establishment. It's still music to the ears of the future.

Previously one of many cooks, now in charge of a team, the chef is learning to position herself and develop her skills in both the culinary and management fields: "In a male-dominated environment, leading a team is undoubtedly more difficult for a woman", she confides.

In November 2022, in Luxembourg, Stéphanie Zosso won the Culinary World Cup with the Swiss junior team. A fine accolade, which she would gladly add to the prestigious Bocuse d'Or trophy for Switzerland. She will be competing against 2 other candidates in Geneva in November. In 5 hours 30 minutes, she will have to prepare a 3-course menu for 14 people, using set ingredients. Let's hope the Le Gruyère AOP, a compulsory part of the amuse-bouche, brings her luck!

In figures :

  • 12 recipes created for the IPG
  • 2 Le Gruyère AOP d’Alpage et Reserve types à la carte
  • 2 cooking awards : Marmite Youngster and Culinary World Champion

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