Portrait of Daniela Weber

At the head of a cheese dairy and proud of it.

17 Jan 2024
Around Le Gruyère AOP

"We need to encourage the next generation of farmers if we are to perpetuate our profession."

Daniela Weber, Manager of the cheese dairy in Guin

Precursor: At the age of 24, Daniela Weber was the first woman in the Bern-Fribourg region to take over a cheese dairy affiliated with the IPG. That was in Wünnewil in 2020. She remembers: "A young woman in the business, which was astonishing". Thanks to the quality of her Le Gruyère AOP, as well as a skilful alchemy of seriousness, determination and kindness, the milk dairy technologist quickly won the respect of those involved in the industry. Reflecting on it, she hopes her journey will be a source of inspiration for other women.

A change of strategy in April 2023. Upon the retirement of another, Daniela Weber took over the reins of the Guin cheese dairy, popular with apprentices for its reputation as a training ground. This works out well because the new manager likes to pass on her knowledge: "I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise. The love of milk and cheese production is contagious!" she declares enthusiastically.

As a member of a committee set up to encourage the next generation of cheesemakers at the Emme training centre in Bern, Daniela Weber surrounds herself with employees who are keen to learn. They are all between the ages of 15 and 30 and work part-time. "We need to encourage the next generation if we are to perpetuate our professions," she says. She pays particular attention to their commitment, their ability to work together and the development of their skills. Together, they must rise to the challenges: maintaining product quality and the growing influence of climate change being among them.

The cheese dairy in Guin is surrounded by some ten producers. Daniela Weber maintains a relationship of professionalism and trust with them. Some of them are close to retirement, so she asks herself: What will be the future of milk production? Born on a farm, she hopes that young farmers will carry on the succession.

In figures

  • 1 manager, 3 employees, 2 apprentices
  • 3 million litres of milk processed annually
  • 300 tonnes of Le Gruyère AOP produced each year
  • 15 milk producers

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