Cheese of Excellence of the Council of State from Vaud 2022

The government has named the Gruyère AOP from L'Auberson cheese dairy as its Cheese of Excellence for 2022.

25 Nov 2021
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At its meeting on 3 November 2021, the State Council tasted three Premiers Grands Crus Vaudois and three Gruyère AOPs preselected from fifteen samples.

It chose the 2020 vintage of Clos du Châtelard, Villeneuve, AOC Chablais, owned by Hammel AG. Vinified by Charles Rolaz, it will be the State Council's Vin d'Honneur for 2022.

Accompanying it over the same period, the Vaud government's Cheese of Excellence will be the Gruyère AOP from L'Auberson cheese dairy, made under the guidance of cheese maker Vincent Tyrode. This Gruyère AOP, like all its competitors, obtained an average of more than 19 points out of 20 in the assessments 2020.

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