World Championships Cheese Contest 2024

The World Championships Cheese Contest was held from March 5 to 6 2024.

29 Mar 2024

Le Gruyère AOP participated in this international competition with a range of different maturing varieties, winning three medals in the Gruyère category.

Gold medals

  • René Pernet, Cheese dairy Peney-le-Jorat (Vaud), matured by  Fromco SA

Silver medals

  • Florian & Cédric Spielhofer, Cheese dairy Sonvilier (Berne), matured by  Mifroma S.A

Bronze medals

  • Alexandre Tinguely, Cheese dairy Ursy (Fribourg), matured by  Mifroma S.A

Le Gruyère AOP congratulates all the winners fot the excellent results.

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