World Cheese Award 2011

The annual competition, run by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food, was staged this year in Birmingham, England.

06 Dec 2011

It was only the second time the awards have been held outside Britain in their 21-year history and it attracted cheeses from 34 different countries.

For Le Gruyère AOC, super gold medal

  • Jean-Marie Dunand, cheese dairy Le Crêt
  • R. Pernet et R. Overney, cheese dairy Peney-le-Jorat
  • Adrian Scheidegger, cheese dairy Niedermuhren

Gold medal

  • Alexandre Guex, cheese dairy Châtonnaye
  • August Ott, cheese dairy Ott, Alosen
  • Roland Pittet, cheese dairy Bouloz-Porsel

Silver medal :

  • Alexandre Guex,cheese dairy Châtonnaye
  • Auguste Ott, cheese dairy Ott, Alosen

Bronze medal :

  • Philippe Dénervaud, cheese dairy Villarimboud
  • Franz Jungo, cheese dairy Strauss
  • André Menoud, cheese dairy Mont-de-Travers 

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