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A worthy ambassador for Le Gruyère AOP

In the video promoting Le Gruyère AOP, you can see Nicolas Clément working in the milking parlour. This milk producer from Le Mouret was willing to…

19 Nov 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP

Brot Chef 2021

Le Gruyère AOP was at the heart of the Brot Chef competition.

18 Nov 2021 Contests

50 years of Swiss Athletics

Happy Birthday!

15 Nov 2021 Sport

World Malakoff Championship 2021

In order to honour the malakoff - this cheese doughnut, typical of the canton of Vaud - the association Lausanne à Table has organised the first World…

10 Nov 2021 Contests

World Cheese Awards 2021

The World Cheese Awards took place from 3 to 6 November 2021 in Oviedo, Spain.

08 Nov 2021 Contests

Authenticity and proximity at the heart of Le Gruyère AOP identity

Le Gruyère AOP cheeses from the Semsales cheese dairy will delight guests at government receptions of the canton of Fribourg throughout 2021. Indeed,…

19 Oct 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP

OLMA Alpine cheese competition 2021

The alpine cheese competition takes place at OLMA, St Gallen's large trade fair.

18 Oct 2021 Contests

Swiss local food competition 2021

During the Swiss local food competition, several medals have been discerned to Le Gruyère AOP.

18 Oct 2021 Contests

Mondial du Fromage et des Produits laitiers à Tours (France)

Le Gruyère won several medals.


16 Sep 2021 Contests

Ensuring the succession, an essential task for William Berthoud

William Berthoud is President of the Société de laiterie de Semsales (Semsales Dairy Company), whose Gruyère AOP was designated as a cheese of…

15 Sep 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP
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