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OLMA Alpine cheese competition 2021

The alpine cheese competition takes place at OLMA, St Gallen's large trade fair.

18 Oct 2021 Contests

Swiss local food competition 2021

During the Swiss local food competition, several medals have been discerned to Le Gruyère AOP.

18 Oct 2021 Contests

Mondial du Fromage et des Produits laitiers à Tours (France)

Le Gruyère won several medals.


16 Sep 2021 Contests

Ensuring the succession, an essential task for William Berthoud

William Berthoud is President of the Société de laiterie de Semsales (Semsales Dairy Company), whose Gruyère AOP was designated as a cheese of…

15 Sep 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP

Cheese of excellence in the canton of Neuchatel

The prize for the Neuchâtel Le Gruyère AOP of the year has been awarded to Adrien Pagnier of the Duo-Vallon/Les Bayards cheese dairy.

15 Sep 2021 Contests

Close-up on the Montricher Gourmande cheese dairy

You may have seen him in a video spot on TV, in the cinema or on the Internet, or perhaps on a billboard in one of Switzerland's major cities. Etienne…

24 Aug 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP

The world curling champions in Gruyère

The world curling champions came to visit La Maison du Gruyère and discover how Gruyère AOP is made.


20 Jul 2021 Sport

Two TITLES and a BRONZE medal for the young Swiss at the Euro U20 in Tallinn (EST)!

Le Gruyère AOP is proud to support Swiss athletics.

19 Jul 2021 Sport

Pierre-André Barras, alpine pastures in his DNA

Since the age of 8, with the exception of one year, Pierre-André Barras has spent all his summers at the alpine pasture Le 3e des Groins, in the…

16 Jul 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP

The satisfaction of producing quality milk for Gruyère AOP

Mathia Mayor is the president of the Grandcour Area Dairy Company. This milk producer is currently in the process of solely taking over the farm that…

17 Jun 2021 Around Le Gruyère AOP
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