Swiss local food competition 2021

During the Swiss local food competition, several medals have been discerned to Le Gruyère AOP.

18 Oct 2021

The goal of the competition is to create a direct contact between the producer and the consumer.


Le Gruyère AOP won medals at this competition in the following categories.

Le Gruyère AOP


Gold medals

  • Cheese dairy Moléson SA, Michel Grossrieder, matured by Fromage Gruyère SA, Bulle
  • Cheese dairy Sommentier, Erich Hunkeler, matured by Fromage Gruyère SA, Bulle

Silver medals

  • Cheese dairy Grandcour, Jean-Daniel Jaeggi, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon
  • Cheese dairy Le Pâquier, Jean-Daniel Privet, matured by Mifroma SA, Ursy

Bronze medals

  • Cheese dairy Villarimboud, Alexandre Schaller, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon
  • Cheese dairy Ballaigues, Jean-Pierre Chuard, matured by Lustenberger & Dürst AG, Cham
  • Cheese dairy Les Martel, Didier Germain, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon
  • Cheese dairy Grandvillard, Laurent Python, matured by Lustenberger & Dürst AG, Cham


Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP


Silver medals

  • Alpage Praz-Rodet, David Fuchs, matured by Fromco SA, Moudon
  • Alpage Tissiniva, Jacques Ruffieux, matured by Coopérative fribourgeoise des producteurs de fromage d’alpage


Fondue mix


Gold medal

  • Les Fondues Wyssmüller®  "Excellence" (Moitié-moitié)

Silver medal

  • Cheese dairy Grandvillard, Laurent Python

Bronze medals

  • Cheese dairy Grandcour, Jean-Daniel Jaeggi
  • Cheese dairy Sommentier, Erich Hunkeler
  • Cheese dairy Le Pâquier, Jean-Daniel Privet


Fondue mix Bio


Silver medal

  • Les Fondues Wyssmüller®  "Moitié-moitié Bio"

Le Gruyère AOP congratulates all the winners fot the excellent results.

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