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Complete renovation of the Juchlishaus cheese dairy

The Juchlishaus cheese dairy in the municipality of Mühleberg has been renovated and expanded. Located in the production zone in the canton of Berne,…

09 May 2023 Around Le Gruyère AOP

The 2023 Vaud Le Gruyère AOP of excellence is produced in Moudon

The Vaud State Council has chosen Le Gruyère AOP from the Moudon cheese dairy as the cheese of excellence for the year 2023. It was developed under…

24 Mar 2023 Around Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP a big winner at the World Cheese Awards

For the fourth time, Le Gruyère AOP has won first place at the World Cheese Awards in Newport, Wales. This year, Urs Leuenberger's Le Gruyère AOP…

01 Mar 2023 Around Le Gruyère AOP Contests

Le Gruyère AOP & Honey

The point of view of one of the best workers in France: François Robin, master cheesemonger.

21 Feb 2023 Around Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP wins the World Cheese Cup in Brazil

A great first for Le Gruyère AOP this past September in Saõ Paulo. Our hard cheese, still little known to the Brazilians, shone at the second edition…

14 Feb 2023 Contests

Le Gruyère AOP voted in the Top 10 Swiss brands preferred by the Swiss population

A great achievement for Le Gruyère AOP.

09 Feb 2023 Around Le Gruyère AOP

The Cross-Country Skiing World Cup with Le Gruyère AOP

A unique collaboration at the Cross Country Skiing World Cup in Les Rousses

02 Feb 2023 Sport

Neuchâtel's cheese of excellence for 2023

The Côte-aux-Fées cheese dairy has won the prize for the best Neuchâtel Le Gruyère AOP, awarded by the Neuchâtel Chamber of Agriculture and…

12 Jan 2023 Contests

The 2023 Ski Tour with Le Gruyère AOP

After several stages in Scandinavia at the beginning of the winter, the Cross Country Skiing World Cup returned to Central Europe with the traditional…

09 Jan 2023 Sport

A wonderful reward for the Gruyère d'Alpage AOP from Vacheresse, in the commune of Bas-Intyamon

In the category Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP, the Swiss Cheese Awards this year honoured a cheese produced by Maurice Bapst, who has been a tenant of the…

14 Dec 2022 Contests
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